Credit Report
Accurate reporting to keep you informed

Luno provides accurate reporting to make you aware of your credit status, which allows you to make informed decisions about your financial well-being. Monthly credit reports ensure that you can be on top of your credit life and make the best choices for your financial security. Luno is your first step on a journey to becoming credit fitment.

Credit Score

Personal Details Summary

This section of your credit report contains your personal information that is used to identify yourself. This is the information that is requested by most Credit Providers in the application stage together with consent to share this information with Credit Bureaus.

Potential Fraud Indicators

This section contains information referenced against fraud databases. If your details are listed on any of these sources, they will be displayed as listed.

Credit Health

This is the score that reflects your credit worthiness and is calculated from assessing how well you pay your accounts. It is a measure of the credit risk that potential credit providers face in granting you credit. The higher your score, the lower the risk to credit providers. Your credit score is only one part of the Credit Providers Assessment.

Debt Summary

This section illustrates the types of accounts and the number of each type of account, together with a summary of your financial obligations.

Payment Profile: Credit Account Status

This section displays all your credit and continuous service accounts provided to a Credit Bureau. It details how well you manage your financial obligations on these accounts, on a monthly basis.

Payment Profile: National Loans Registration

The National Loans Register (NLR) is a mechanism to assist micro lenders with making informed business decisions and to guard against over indebtedness and reckless lending. This section thus displays your profile under the NLR, including your status and history in various credit agreements.

Public Domain Records

Adverse Domain records are records of where you have not met your financial obligations and the credit or continuous service provider has followed legal action for the recovery of outstanding debt. Such legal action may include listing an adverse status code, also known as Defaults, or following other options in a Court, such as a Judgment.

Payment Notification

This section displays information of Credit or Service Providers who require that you contact them.

Consumer Information

This section displays a list of addresses, contact and employment information received from various XDS sources and has been previously confirmed by you.

Credit Enquiry History

This section includes a list of organisations or credit providers who have requested a Credit Report on this consumer.

Property Interests

This section displays a list of properties registered in the name of the consumer at the Deeds offices in SA.