Tools to manage your credit health

Credit Status

Improving your overall credit health begins with knowing your current credit status. Luno offers you the tools to know and manage your credit status and opportunities before applying for home and vehicle finance, insurance or even employment.

Credit Profile

Your credit score is directly linked to your overall credit health, taking your complete credit profile into account. Keep tabs on your credit profile with Luno, and manage your credit status to retain financial stability.

Credit Health

In order to keep South Africans educated about credit health, we're giving you the ability to view your credit score once a month in your credit report. Simply sign up and obtain your credit score, to keep up-to-date on your credit health.

Keeping tabs on your credit health and making efforts to improve it will enable you to reap the rewards of being financially sound.

Quicker Bond Approval

The better your credit health, the more likely your chances are to be approved for a bond.

Favourable Interest Rates

A credit score that indicates financial stability could result in more favourable interest rates on future credit applications.

Easier Vehicle Finance Approval

Vehicle finance is more likely to be approved for someone with an account where credit health has been maintained.

Simpler Credit Card Acquisition

Maintaining overall financial well-being, by preserving a favourable credit score, could result in acquiring a credit card easier.

*These benefits are dependent on each credit lender, in their own capacity.

Luno provides accurate reporting to make you aware of your credit status, which allows you to make informed decisions about your financial well-being. Monthly credit reports ensure that you can be on top of your credit health and make the best choices for your financial security. Luno is your first step on a journey to becoming credit fit.

In terms of the National Credit Act 34 of 2005, (NCA) every person has a right to challenge the information displayed in their Luno Credit report without any extra charge. We aim to empower consumers by offering dispute resolution through an investigation, as part of our credit services.

As a member of Luno, you can receive these credit services at discounted rates through XDS, an official credit bureau:

  • Assistance with debt settlement discounts.
  • Negotiating a reduction in your monthly instalments and repayments.
  • Discounted fees for rescinding a judgment against you.

If you have any queries, simply complete the XDS Help Form and they will get back to you within the next 24 hours.